6 Signs That Indicate Your Child Needs A Tutor!

Frequent headaches and tummy-aches on school days. Resistance, when it comes to doing homework. Lack of enthusiasm in assignments. Being regularly anxious before exams. Getting restless, when topics relating to school and education crop up. These signs are invariably the initial red flags that indicate that your child is having trouble coping with studies. Besides, your child’s academic performance leaves a lot to be desired. As a parent, you may be anxious and wondering as to when exactly is the time, to look for outside help. Here is a guide to help you evaluate, whether your child needs some additional help – an online tutor:

Sign #1: Your child’s homework is a problem

You were used to your child spending a certain amount of time on her homework, for completion. You are now noticing that your child is taking several hours of time, yet is unable to complete assignments. However, these aren’t big projects or complex topics. In subjects like Math & Science, all of us are aware that concepts build on one another. If you child is not getting a hang of a certain concept, it will eventually lead to a snowballing effect, leaving you child dangerously low on confidence level.

Sign #2: Your child needs more help than usual

Most of the children need help with their homework, once in a while. You have noticed that your child now elicits your support much more than he used to. However, you are unable to give your child enough time, on a daily basis and you aren’t very clear about certain concepts, yourself. The situation is tricky now and you are often contemplating on hiring a tutor, of late.

Sign #3: Your child is beginning to hate everything

Your child hates school. Hates teacher. Hates homework. Until recently, your child loved school and never despised anything related to school. May be your child means “I don’t get this”, when he says, “I hate this”. Now is the time for some intervention.

Sign #4: Hard work, sans reward

You see that your child diligently puts in hard work before every exam, as she used to. Yet the usual good grades elude your child, of late. As a result, your child is extremely frustrated and is in a shut-down mode, and on the verge of losing focus on studies and looks demotivated, all the time. It is now time to highlight the problems and get some external help, to put your talented child, back on track.

6 Signs that Indicate Child Needs Tutor

Sign #5: Your child sleeps in class or during homework time

Initially, you would have attributed the reason to the extra hours of study your child put in the previous night. However, this saga is continuing and the complaints from your child’s school are piling up. This clearly indicates that your child is stressed out and is shouting for help. Besides, children only doze off for activities that they aren’t interested in. Have you ever seen a child sleeping when they are dancing or playing with friends? This lack of interest in studies is a definite red flag.

Sign #6: Your child hates her teacher

This is one of the most cardinal signs. Unfortunately, your child may have completely turned herself off from learning, because of this. This means, it is now high time for you to look for a tutor who your child is comfortable with, and whose teaching style goes down well with your child. Also, more importantly, continuous feedback from the tutor will help the child in regaining lost confidence, putting your child back on track.

At Concept Tutors, we believe that a parent’s intuition is a powerful indicator, when it concerns child’s education. Sometimes, the hardest step in making progress is admitting that your child needs help. It is important to understand that hiring a tutor does not in any way mean that your child is incompetent or less competent. It just says that you are exploring all the available tools and resources, in helping your child reach his / her fullest potential. And you do deserve a pat on the back, for spotting those red flags, early on! You could take a minute to learn more about us at https://www.concepttutors.com/#services-section

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