8 Reasons You May Want to Hire a Private Tutor!

Why Hire a Private Tutor

“My child does not require a tutor. She is capable and needs no additional help”. This is the thought that crosses the mind of a good number of parents, when they consider the option of hiring a tutor. However, in today’s competitive environment, given that a child has a lot on its plate – academics, extracurricular activities, sports, yoga, dance, and it may get stressful for the child, to keep up the good grades. As parents seek to find ways to make these obligations less demanding for their children (and themselves), hiring a private tutor seems to be a great option, as a child will definitely benefit from a little extra support in mastering academic concepts and in improving confidence levels.

If you are still on the fence about whether or not to hire a private tutor, here are some great reasons; you may want to hire a private tutor soon:

The child’s problem areas can be addressed

A private teacher will ensure that the problem areas of the child are addressed on priority. This will help the child in catching up with the class syllabus, with ease and bolster the confidence levels of the child.

Reasons to hire a Private Tutor

Thorough foundation can be laid

If the child is struggling with the hierarchical elements of the subjects, proceeding to advanced topics may be almost impossible. A private tutor will ensure that the child gets its basics right, before proceeding to next level concepts, across subjects.

One-on-one attention is the key

In a class setting, there could be many distractions like chatting with friends, ambiguity in concepts, lack of personal attention etc. However, in a personal tuition, there can be no such distractions and the intense sessions ensure much more is covered in the tuition, as compared to the class.

Flexibility to choose the right teacher

The choice of finding the right tutor, who can really inspire and engage lies with the parent and the child, unlike school. The parents can ensure they find a tutor who their child is comfortable with and whose teaching pace and style goes down well with the child. This can make a big difference for the child.

The child can be honest

In a class setting, certain children feel shy about admitting the fact that they do not understand a particular concept, for the fear of being ridiculed by their peers. In a private tuition, the child can be completely honest about their questions, as there are no peers judging them. The child can get its doubt clarified, any number of times, because of the rapport being shared with the tutor. As a result, they gain a hang of the subject and become more confident beings with improved self-esteem.

Support with homework and tests

In general, when students are left on their own to complete their homework, they only focus on finishing it, rather than engaging with the subject. A tutor will ensure that in addition to completing the homework to a higher standard, the child is also able to gain effectively from the assignment. A private teacher’s role is invaluable for test preparation also. They help in structuring the revision for the test, as well as troubleshoot the weak points in the student’s knowledge. Their contribution in this area is unmatched.

Saves time & effort

While it is always a good idea to be involved with your child’s study, it may not be practically feasible, due to parent’s work schedules. Also, beyond a particular grade, the studies of your ward can get a bit advanced, making things slightly difficult for your child and you. A tutor with necessary skills and time can benefit your child and you, to a great extent.

Provides convenience & flexibility

Private tutoring, as a form of teaching offers immense flexibility and convenience. Parents, as well as children, can schedule their sessions according to convenience, around their school and other extracurricular activities and also save on travel time. With the advent of online tutoring, it has become all the more convenient, allowing study to happen, at a time and place of your choice.

The Concept Tutor’s Way

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